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IQ BABY Sleep Services

All services include access to My IQ BABY, a personalized integrated system where you can review your tips and tools discussed in the consultation.

Sleep Assessment

  • Flagship service
Parents oftentimes find themselves wondering, “is my child’s sleep the best that it can be?” In this case parents do not need a personalized plan, just a review of their child’s sleep habits and tips for improvement.

IQ BABY Sleep Assessment is the perfect answer! It consists of a 45 minute phone consultation which includes tips and information regarding your child’s sleep.

Personalized Plan

  • 3 weeks of support
  • 4 weeks of support
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Booster weeks available
While learning how to sleep is vital for a child’s development, it is best to identify the gentlest method to reach this goal. Not all methods work equally well for each child. Together we will assess the best sleep plan for your family and your baby.

This package includes an initial phone consultation, a personalize sleep plan and *3 to 4 weeks of check-ins. You will learn key factors dependent on good sleep which can greatly reduce crying or eliminate it all together.

Sleep & Behavior Troubleshooting

  • 45 minute consultation
Use developmental education to re-frame your thinking to approach challenges from a developmentally appropriate and creative perspective. Trouble-shooting is based on age specific developmental needs of your child to help you guide sleep and/or behavior to an appropriately track.

Sleep & Development Trouble-shooting consists of a 45 minute phone consultation to address a specific sleep or behavioral bump in the road. This consultation includes tips, tools, strategies and evidenced based sleep & development education.

Problem Solving Nighttime Fears

  • 45 minute consultation & 20 minute follow-up call
Empower your child to problem solve which will enhance…
1) Ownership of the problem and solution.
2) You child’s confidence.
3) The ability to proactively and creatively problem solve in the future.

This problem solving package includes a 45 minute initial consultation where we will discuss your child’s nighttime fears and procrastinations. Together we will discuss strategies for putting your child in the driver’s seat to make his/her own problem solving plan. Our consultation will be followed up with a 20 minute follow up call to answer any questions.