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Please read these instructions carefully PRIOR to class date or watch this step-by-step video guide

1. Visit WizIQ to test your system and devices for compatibility with the WizIQ virtual classroom.

2. Upon reading the terms below log into "My IQ Baby" and under the "360° learning" tab accept and launch the plattform.

3. Under "course categories" select your course using the following criteria:
a.The sponsor (IQ BABY, Blossom Birth or BINI Birth).
b. Classes type (doula, babies, or toddlers).
c. The class title

4. If you see, "This course requires an "enrolment key" - a one-time password that you should have received from teacher"...
a. you might be selecting the wrong class; please check criteria.
b. check the upper right hand corner to make sure you are logged in.
c. If you continue to have problems entering please email right away or call.

5. Once you have entered your course please verify class date and time as well as TIME ZONE!

6. Next select "class resources" right under "topic outline".
a. Located here is EVERYTHING you will need to be prepared for class; including class notes. Please print notes and have them ready for class.
b. Here you will also find a course evaluation form. Doulas MUST fill this electronic form out at the end of class to receive continuing education. The drop box, "course evaluation submission", for the evaluation form can be found directly under the "class resources" tab.

7. You are now prepared for your upcoming class.
Please note: it is VERY important to complete the above steps at least 24 hours prior to class launch time. The day of the class the teacher will not be available to help with technical problems.
Please follow the steps below to join the virtual classroom the day and time of your class:
1. Follow the same steps listed above to enter your chosen course.
a. Log into your My IQ BABY account.
b. Launch the plattform with the button at the end of this page
c. Under "course categories" select your course.

2. Once you are in your course simply select the correct class date and time.

3. Select "join class"

4. You will be brought to a countdown page to wait until class is launched ... go grab a pen!

5. It is recommended that you join the class ~15 minutes prior to the launch time.

Other important items:

1. Elissa Gilbertson will launch the class between 10 to 20 minutes before the start of class but...

2. If you have a question during class please write it down. At the end of every section Elissa will take questions. If you have a question turn your mic on and ask away!

3. Elissa will do her best to answer all questions; unfortunately there might not be enough time, or may require much more information than time allows for very specific questions. My apologies!